“We cannot wait for the storm to pass over - we must learn to dance in the rain.”
August 23, 2020

To our Catholics@Work Members and supporters

The current pandemic continues to challenge all of us as we attempt to formalize our speaking schedule for the fall session through December 2020. In our SING Ministry (St. Isidore Networking Group for people in transition between no job and their next opportunity), we have been running the Monday evening sessions via Zoom. Our attendance has increased and engagement by attendees has improved with this virtual platform.


It is difficult to forecast when we will be able to return to in-person meetings. We are putting together our virtual platform for our Catholics@Work meetings on the second Tuesday of the month beginning in September/October. The meeting would begin at 7pm with a 45-minute presentation followed by questions and discussion, concluding by 8pm or so. We would email you an invitation with the link. You would have the option to enter the meeting via your computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone. If your computer has a camera you can enter via video and use the microphone on your computer or phone to participate.


The Zoom meetings have been proven to be very successful and are secure. We will provide additional operational details soon. Please respond by clicking on the URL below, register and indicate your willingness to participate:

Fall 2020 Interest Survey

Here is a list of the speakers we are working with to present and share their presentations this fall:


  • Father Michael Agliardo, SJ, PhD- Executive Director, US-China Catholic Association (USCCA), a timely topic given the situation with China today and the upcoming meetings with the Vatican on The Church in China

  • Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, Writers and Directors of the film "Unplanned", who presented previously about their film "God Is Not Dead"

  • Father Jayson Landeza, Chaplain of the Oakland Police, Fire and Oakland Athletics, FBI, and Secret Service, in San Francisco and Pastor of St. Benedicts in Oakland

  • Christine Watkins, a popular Catholic speaker, and author, who spoke at C@W in April, 2014

Your quick response is requested so we can formalize our plans. Best always and prayers for your safety and good health. Hope to hear from you soon. 



David R. Manion


Catholics@Work, An Outreach Ministry of the Oakland Diocese 

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Second Tuesday of the month

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