“We cannot wait for the storm to pass over - we must learn to dance in the rain.”

China at the Crossroads with the Catholic Church

Fr. Michael Agliardo, SJ, PhD

Please join us on October 20th beginning at 6:55pm for a 7:00pm program start. 

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About Fr. Michael Agliardo, SJ, PhD

Fr. Michael is a native of the Mamaroneck, New York, where he grew up in a working-class Italian American family. He first traveled to California to attend a summer program at Deep Springs College while he was still a high school student. While lacking the cultural sophistication of Mamaroneck, he thought California was still pretty good. The first person in his family to attend college, Fr. Michael went to Harvard, and then entered the Jesuits upon graduation. As an undergrad, he had studied Chinese history, and because of their own long history in China, the Jesuits encouraged this interest of his. After ordination, Fr. Michael worked as a campus minister, taught theology, earned a doctorate in sociology, and then taught sociology. As circumstances allowed, he also spoke about China in parishes around the country, taught in China, and joined the Board of the US-China Catholic Association. In 2018 he was asked to take over as executive director of the China Association. The road has been full of challenges since.

China and the Catholic Church are at Crossroads


If you follow the news about the Church in China, you will have heard stories of persecution, and occasionally, of the flourishing of the local Church, as well. You may also be aware of the debate within the Church about how to engage Chinese authorities, with some promoting dialogue and others dismissing the Chinese Communist Party as unreliable. Rather than rehash the familiar sagas, it behooves us to reflect on where China stands in its own journey through history: A once proud empire, humbled by colonialism, and now struggling to “modernize” in a world order dominated by Western institutions, China has recently achieved an economic miracle under the Communist party. However, culturally China is adrift (perhaps even more so than America). The Church also has struggled, barely able to keep up amidst the breakneck pace of change. Nonetheless, in a global world order dominated by a secular and utilitarian ethos, the Church speaks with a crucial voice not only summoning us to justice, but also reminding us of what it means to be authentically human. Fr. Michael will address the circumstances of the Church in China, the mission of the Church, and the work of the China Association, considering the crossroads at which China finds itself.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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The program begins at 7:00 PM sharp and ends at 8:15 PM 

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